Organizations doing Good Work!

  • International Institute for Justice and Development ( IIJD): Through research, advocacy and partnerships on the ground, the IIJD targets the underlying causes of poverty and injustice.  I greatly enjoyed my time there as the Programs and Intern Coordinator and Interim Justice Program Director.
  • Barakat World: Directly supports schools in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, working particularly hard to promote education for girls and young women. A former coworker of mine from the IIJD, Damon Luloff, helped facilitate wonderful changes while serving as CEO.  Though I didn’t do anything…I feel a tiny part of Barakat’s growth because Damon skillfully acted on my intern coordination advice and a ‘heads-up’ on donated Macs!  
  • Open Society: I particularly like their Justice Initiative’s work to improve the legal systems that protect human rights.  I visited their office in NYC and feel they have a real good crew working there.
  • Thanda: They support orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa through after school programs and more. Michelle Larkan (who is practically family) supports this organization (which her sister cofounded) through Jewelry sales.  
  • One World UK: I recently visited the office of One World UK and was very impressed by their adaptation of technology for encouraging positive social change. Go Chelsea!
  • WBUR: Boston’s local National Public Radio station.  They produce some really great programs at their office on Comm. Ave., such as On Point.  I was a volunteer fundraiser there for many years and only stopped when I moved to London.
  • Idealist: The best website for connecting NGOs to volunteers and interns (at least in the USA).  Without it I know I would have had a much harder time finding right people for positions at the IIJD and Pam Julian’s political campaigns.


News & Analysis
  • On Point with Tom Ashbrook: I’ve never met a better moderator of informed discussions.  The website has all their past shows archived and easy to play.
  • New York Times:  Still one of the best newspapers out there.  Definitely worth a glace or ten each day.
  • Reuters:  Steady reports from some of the best and bravest journalists on the ground around the world.
  • BBC World Service:  Excellent overview of world happenings.